Built in 1881, CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. is the first Chinese railway equipment manufacturing company. In its three centuries of development, CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. has not only produced the first Chinese locomotive “Rocket of China”, the first Chinese passenger train “Palace Car”, the first Chinese freight wagon, the first railway inspection train, the first special vehicle and first high-class official train, but also created the first Chinese double-deck diesel multiple unit, the first tilting train, the first 70% low-floor light rail train, and the first EMS middle-low speed maglev train. The company has manufactured many batches of locomotives & rolling stocks, and trained groups of firm and tenacious Chinese talents in railway industry. From 1994 to today, CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. has produced batches of new and high-speed railway carriages for the sixth railway speed upgrading. It has manufactured over 10, 000-passenger trains in varieties. Today, taking advantage of the historical opportunity of national railway technical equipment modernization, the company inherits the history of hundreds of years in manufacturing trains and persists in innovation and development, thus establishing the world-class research and manufacturing platform and turning itself into the production base of high-end railway equipment.

    In 2008, with full proprietary intellectual property rights, “Harmony” CRH3 EMU with the speed per hour of 350 kilometers, was taped-out in CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd.. As a result, China became one of the few countries that owned rapid transit railway equipment technology for the hourly speed of 350km. With an 8-car formation, CRH3 is in electric propulsion and AC drive. The techniques like dragging, barking and network controlling are so advanced, mature and reliable that they reach the world class level, thus being accredited as “China’s Card” by Premier Wen Jiabao. In 2010, the company innovatively developed a new “CRH”, CRH380BL EMU with highest hourly speed of 380km. It was organized in 16 carriages and 1043 fixed seats for passengers and working staff. The EMU is world class in such technique indicators as overall trip speed, safe reliability, comfortableness, and energy conservation and environmental protection, and in such economic indicators as life cycle cost. On 9th Jan, 2011, CRH380BL EMU, in the service test of Beijing-Shanghai express railway, created a record of hourly speed of 487.3km, which was the “world’s highest railway test speed”. The test was a proof of advanced technology and reliable performance. At present, 20 CRH3 EMUs are employed in Beijing-Tianjin Inter-city Railway, which account for 100% of the trains operating on this line;7 are employed in Guangzhou-Shenzhen High Speed Rail, which also accounts for 100% of the trains operating on this line; 53 are employed in Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed Rail and Guangzhou-Shenzhen High Speed, which account for 67% of the trains operating on this line. What is more, 35 new generation CRH380BL high-speed EMUs are used in Beijing-Shanghai Line, Shanghai-Hangzhou Line and Wuhan-Guangzhou Line. By the end of 2011, over 100 million passengers, including CPC and state leaders, politicians from various countries and tourists at home and abroad, had experienced “China Speed” by taking CRH3 EMU and CRH380BL EMU.

    As one of the first Chinese 91 innovative and high-tech enterprises, CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd., which is accredited as the international scientific and technological cooperation base by the Ministry of Science and Technology, has the national technology center and national enterprise engineering laboratory. The company won authentications of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety system and EN 15085-2 international welding management system. Strongly supported by China High Speed Rail Independent Innovation Joint Action Plan from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Railways, the company implemented “National 863 Plan Project” that connects production, study, research with practice and initiatively conducted two 863 projects and 5 key national science and technology projects. Producing the internationally competitive Chinese high speed train standard system and technical system with independent intellectual property rights and a speed per hour of more than 350 kilometers, it can independently create vital technologies for high-speed EMU system integration, aluminum alloy car bodies, bogies, and network control systems. To meet the needs of the rail equipment modernization, CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. constructs two car body production lines specialized in aluminum and steel materials, forms a product system including four series of a high speed motor rail unit, a city rail train, an ordinary middle-low speed passenger train and a special vehicle. It is leading the world in universalization of manufacturing technology platform equipment, flexibility of tooling, specialization of moulds, advanced and consummate process, aluminum alloy car body, assembly production lines and commissioning test track. The company successively provides batches of advanced, high-end, mature, and reliable new city rail vehicles for Changchun light rail, Beijing subway line 13, and Tianjin subway line 1, thus letting passengers enjoy fast and comfortable travel experience.

    Given the trend of urban public transport integration development in the future, CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd.came up with a strategic conception of becoming a green, intelligent and people-centered transportation solution provider according to requirement for sustainable development in the national “12th Five-Year Plan”. The company will extend the value chain through scientific and technological innovation, pattern innovation and independent innovation, will create the rail transport equipment involving a green intelligent and human conception and will create a new service model of operation and maintenance with a view to erecting a brand culture advantage in special management and technology. The merit is in the spirit of CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd.. It will unswervingly follow the road of innovation and development, enhance the core competitiveness and guide the growth of the rail equipment manufacturing industry.

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