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CRRC Meishan Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC). Its main business covers the railway freight wagon, brake system, fastening connection system and logistics equipment.

The technological innovation ability of the company ranks the forefront of the industry,with a complete technology R & D system from design, process to test verification. It is the main R & D and manufacture enterprise of new large-axle heavy haul wagon, the leading enterprise of railway braking system and the standard making enterprise of railway fastener industry.

It has the capacity of an annual output of 8,000 railway wagons...

As one of the most powerful manufacturer for railway freight equipment, we are committed to creating an international renowned enterprise, the first-class rail equipment supplier in china. We enhance to improve the international common quality standard; we concern, respect different ethnic and culture and communicate with them. Over the years, we have successively provide Chinese railway with more than 80,000 vehicles of various types for different goods and provide Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and different regions of different needs with high-quality products and personalized services. We have obtained the user's widely reorganizations and established long-term friendly cooperative relations...

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