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Shenzhen Metro Line 3

Source: DateTime:2016-05-18

Shenzhen Metro Line 3 Additional Vehicle Project equips with 33 trains (6 cars for each) in a speed level of 100 Km/h and with B Type car body of stainless steel. Using thin-walled cylinder monocoque construction, the car body is made of high strength cold-rolled chromium nickel austenite stainless steel SUS301L. It makes the trains more energy-saving and environmental. The current collection device collects with the power supply track (the 3rd track); each car is equipped with 4 sets of current collection devices, meeting the requirements of stable power supply and safety. International standard ISO3381 and ISO 3095 of noise control is carried, and the ride index of the metro trains meets no less than 2.5. The whole train contains 240 seats with fixed number of 1486 passengers, and the maximum loading capacity of 1880 passengers.


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