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CRH6 Intercity EMU

Source: DateTime:2016-05-18

CRH6 intercity EMU, the first intercity EMU in China, includes three speed levels i.e. 200Km/h, 160Km/h and 140Km/h, and is a diversified power EMU with AC-DC-AC transmission. Light aluminum car body, bogie with large axle load, VVVF traction control and electrical & pneumatic blending brake are applied to the CRH6 intercity EMU.

Core technical strengths:

Speedy start-up: the traction system with high starting torque and world-class advanced starting capability

High passenger capacity: microcomputer controlled electric pneumatic brake, high thermal capacity foundation brake rigging and high deceleration design

Safety and reliability: brand-new upgraded integrative technology, and more reliable quality

Comfortable seat: the stably operating and highly comfortable bogie features low vibration and noise level as well as high air conditioning capacity

Energy-saving and environment protection: light weight design, low operation energy consumption, vacuum urine and feces collection system for central discharge of wastes

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