GMC16A Rail Grinding Train

Source: DateTime:2016-05-22

GMC16A rail grinding train is a new type rail grinding train which has completely independent intellectual property rights of BRE. This train adopted the hydraulic transmission and applied mainly for main line of urban railway transportation and switch grinding operation. This train collected many advanced grinding experiences all over the world and perfect and timely after-sale service from BRE. Its advanced technology, high efficiency of operation, high accuracy of operation will be the excellent choice of rail maintenance for all urban railway transportation companies.


Main technical parameter

Dimension: 31600mm X 2800mm X 3800mm

Drive mode: diesel-hydraulic drive

Max. speed: 80km/h (self-propelled) / 120km/h (towed)

Min. curve radius: 80m (running) /150m (working)

Operation speed and accuracy: 3~16km/h ±0.5km/h

Power of diesel engine: 373kW X 2

Grinding surface roughness: ≤Ra10

Accuracy of profile: ≤±0.02mm

Accuracy of longitudinal profile: 100~300mm: ≤±0.02mm;

                           300~1000mm: ≤±0.2mm

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