SFZ-C01 rail-milling machine

Source: DateTime:2016-05-22

Based on advanced European technology, combined with the abundant using and maintenance experience of million machine,cooperating with GBM, a German company, to develop the high-ranking SFZ-C01 milling machine adaptive to Chinese metro customers on the basic of the only one who got the certification of Germany high-speed railway for 300km/h level. This machine adopts diesel-electrical drive mode representing the development tendency of maintenance machinery for European railway. This machine equips with the most advanced milling unit, grinding polishing unit and control system. This first prototype machine will be manufactured and tested in Germany. Integrating with the most advanced European technology, manufacturing process, rail-milling experience and Feb.27th locomotive Company’s prompt and perfect after-sale service, this machine will supply the optimal solution for Chinese customers.


Main technique parameters


Drive mode: diesel-electric

Max. Speed: 100km/h(self-propelled)/120km/h(towed)

Min. Curve radius:80m(running)/150m(operating)

Max.operating speed:2500m/h

Max. Rate of swarf removal: 3.5mm(railhead)/8mm(gauge corner)

Residual surface ripple: 0.0045mm

Accuracy transverse profile:≤±0.2mm

Accuracy longitudinal profile: 100~300mm:≤±0.01mm; 300~1000mm:≤±0.1mm

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