Diesel Locomotives
CRRC designs and manufactures a wide range of railway freight and passenger diesel locomotives based on its own intellectual property. Flexible and economical, these locomotives embody decades of experiences and expertise in manufacturing. Based on proven design and engineering standards, they can easily be tailored to individual customer needs. CRRC manufactures 4,660 kW diesel locomotives, the most powerful ones of its kind in the world.
The HX range of diesel-electric locomotives is a result of cooperation with GE and EMD. The 4,660 KW locomotives feature high tractive power capability for freight traffic.
The DF range of diesel-electric locomotives, with a four-stroke turbocharged diesel engine and AC/DC transmission, are the main types of main line locomotive for both passenger and freight traffic. They run on three-axle bogies with roller bearings. The traction motors are fully suspended with hollow shaft quill drive.
Types DF4D, DF8B are designed for heavy-duty freight trains. Types DF4D, DF10F and DF11 for high-speed passenger service and Types DF5 and DF7 for shunting work. Type DF4DJ is equipped with AC traction equipment and IGBT converters.
The GK range of diesel locomotives are intended for shunting and industrial applications. Many have hydraulic transmission and have a B-B configuration to suit tight curves.
The CK series diesel locomotives are designed for markets other than China and feature a lower axle load; examples are in operation on the narrow-gauge or broad-gauge railways of Angola, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Congo (B), Congo (K), Cuba , Estonia, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Liberia, Libya, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Korea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.
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